You got a sec to help me real quick?

As we approach the new year, we’re looking to do two things:

  • Continue changing podcasting for the better, and
  • Expand The R.E.A.C.H. System beyond podcasting (which has actually been part of the plan all along).

I’m trying to decide the best way to go about it, and I’ve decided to bring on that person I refer to in my book, Groundhog Day Is An Event, Not A Business Strategy, as my “top marketing guru”.

That’s YOU!

So, can you please spot me just 1 minute and share a few quick thoughts?

Almost all of it is “check all that apply” boxes so you should be able to breeze through it quick.

Everything with an asterisk (*) is required.

Again, I really appreciate it!

Congratulations on your podcast! Which statement most closely describes how long it's been on the air? *
What areas of your podcast, or being a podcast host, would you like to solve, improve, or just get off your plate? *
If I could wave a magic wand and make those problems disappear, how soon are you ready to have them solved? *
One last thing. Whether or not you need podcasting help, what else would you like to get done? *
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