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A special message from
Adam Hommey, Creator of Podcast R.E.A.C.H.


Let me ask: how much would it benefit your business and brand to take advantage of the fastest-growing platform that

  • Connects you with more ideal-fit business prospects

  • Fills your calendar with conversations that have a virtually 100% show-up rate

  • Puts you in front of new audiences without making you spend money on social media advertising or search engine marketing

  • Gets your tribe to share you with their own followers without making you pay 50% in affiliate fees

  • Delivers you all the clients and customers you need and want to enjoy the revenues and profits you deserve

You are about to discover how to get more reach, clients, and referrals through podcasting!

Stay with me as I reveal how speakers, authors, trainers, consultants, and entrepreneurs, like you, can quickly launch your Business-Building Podcast… and have fun doing it!

Your Best Prospects and Future Raving Fans Tune Into Podcasts More Than Other Platforms!

According to Podcast Insights®

  • 45% of monthly podcast listeners in the United States have household income over $75K per year

  • 24% (that’s 68 million people) listen to podcasts weekly, and 16 million people identify as “avid podcast fans”

  • Podcast listeners tune into an average of seven shows per week, with 80% of them listening to all or most of each episode

  • 94% of podcast listeners are active on at least one social media channel (vs. 81% for the general population)

  • Podcast listeners are more likely to follow companies and brands on social media than the general population – in fact, 69% say that podcast ads made them aware of new products/services

In addition, data cited by Improve Podcast shows that 60% of podcast listeners have a 4-year degree, postgraduate degree, or advanced degree.

In short: podcast listeners are loyal, affluent, and educated.

Do THESE sound like words that describe your ideal clients and customers?

So, Why Isn’t Everyone Hosting A Podcast?

We’ve worked with a number of companies and brands similar to yours, and we’ve found that at first, these four big questions come up again and again…

  • “The interview won’t be about me, it will be all about the other person.”

  • “Hosting and managing a podcast or livestream is hard work and I don’t have time.”

  • “How will I get listeners and downloads? Nobody is going to tune in, anyway.”

  • “I need CLIENTS NOW, not a lot of jibber-jabber.”

Now, stay with me while I assiduously rip these assumptions to shreds!

By Promoting Others, You Promote Yourself

When you host someone else on your show (if you choose to do an interview-style format), you become the hero who validates THEIR credibility.

THIS MAKES YOU A THOUGHT LEADER because people cite having been on your show as a credentializer that gives people a reason to pay attention to them.  Do you think they may be willing to repay the favor when you ask them to?

For this reason, they will share their appearance on your show with their audience, introducing you to new listeners, new subscribers, and new prospects for free that you might never reach otherwise (at least not without huge ad spends).

In essence, your guests become part of your marketing team.

Plus, through a combination of powerfully and naturally using simple NLP-based conversational interview techniques and effortlessly copy-pasting a tactic used by every live-streaming service, you CAN, in fact, blatantly promote your products, your solutions, and your brand even while you interview other people — WITHOUT being “salesy”.

It’s Easier Than “They” Have Told You To Host Your Podcast

See, we’ve proven it time and time again.

It’s not nearly as difficult to launch and host your podcast as you may have been led to believe, up until now.

Using what we call the “Pre-Editing Process” (paired with the “Clint Eastwood Director Style”) creates a great raw product that, in most cases, will require little or no post-production editing at all.

The Pre-Editing Process is something we’ll show you in a short bit.

Let’s look briefly at the Clint Eastwood Director Style.

Unlike many directors, who may demand up to 30, 50, or more takes of a single scene so they can compare tiny little nuances, when Clint Eastwood films a scene and decides it’s good enough, he puts it in the can and moves onto the next scene.

Some “purists” have criticized the method and said it takes away a little bit from the artistic value.

I say, SO WHAT?

Last time I checked, pretty much every movie directed and/or produced by Clint Eastwood has been a money-machine blockbuster, and several have impacted our popular culture.

(If you don’t believe me, then GET OFF MY LAWN!)

Anyway, if you’re still worried about microphones, mixer boards, soundproofing, softwares, and more, I agree with many experts in this field, including some of my direct competitors, who have gotten their clients the best results with nothing more than a laptop, a Zoom account, and a really good headset.

And if you don’t know how to do basic audio and video editing, you’re in the right place to get that solved, too.

The More You Host, The More Listeners And Downloads You Get

I will speak more very soon about how, when you get right down to it, there’s only one listener who really matters.

But on the question of “listeners” and “downloads”.

Again: so what?

This may be a contrarian view, but I’ve helped clients with big audiences as well as small audiences make lots of money with podcasts.

While I’ve done this, I’ve seen lots of shows fade in the rearview mirror while their hosts stood on the curb fretting about download counts.

And let me ask, do listens and downloads automatically transform into clients and referrals?

If they did, nobody would be doing webinars, social media advertising, product launches, or anything else – they’d just look for ways to bump up their download stats!

Ironically, when you do what I show you, the listeners and downloads will happen regardless!

See, the more interesting content you create, and the more your guests share their appearance on your show to validate their own credibility, the more you will attract listeners, subscribers, and followers.

You will attract a lot of listeners and subscribers simply by inviting them to appear on your show – when they check you out and see what you’re doing, they’ll ALREADY be a follower even before they log in for their recording session with you!

Plus, by embedding commands and suggestions within your show script, combined with how you lay out your simple-and-effective podcast website, you will soon find yourself building up your list and tribe like you’re selling tickets to a rock concert!

It Gets You Lots More Clients – And Costs Less Time And Money

Let’s look at this.

How much does it cost to get all those people to sign up for a free strategy session?

How many people actually show up for free strategy sessions?  (Some studies say there is as high as a 50% no-show rate.)

And how many of them are actually great prospects worth the time it takes to have the conversation?

Now, product launches.

Last we checked, hiring a DECENT product launch hired-gun could easily run you $10,000 PLUS perpetual revenue share.

A REALLY GOOD one is a LOT more.

And that only works after you invest tens of thousands more building up an enormous and highly-responsive list, and then testing your offer again and again and again to build up enough statistics to persuade a potential affiliate who can actually deliver sales to even take your call.

That’s macro.

Let’s go micro and look at the supposed low-cost strategy of networking, you know, like meeting someone for coffee.

Did you know that a “quick networking coffee” can easily cost you $1,500?

Let’s say your hourly rate is $500, and then do the numbers:

  • One hour of time total lost in ramp-down before you head out, and ramp-up after you get back to the office.
  • This is backed up by studies, such as one that shows something as simple as grabbing a quick phone call can cause you to need 23 minutes and 15 seconds to get back to whatever you were doing before you took that call!
  • Then you have 30 minutes of round-trip travel time – IF the coffee shop is close by, there’s decent parking, and you don’t run into yet more road construction
  • Hopefully the meeting only takes 90 minutes, but you know how it goes between waiting in line for the coffee, the 20 minutes of “did you find the place okay”, and everything else.

3 hours total x $500/hr = $1,500.

Meanwhile, you can brew a whole pot of coffee at home for about $1.03.

Furthermore, with studies such as one conducted by Vouchercloud, considered by some to be the UK’s largest money saving brand, showing the average working person has 2 hours and 54 minutes of productive time per 8-hour workday… that could mean your whole day is shot.

Stack that up against the hour (or less) it takes to have a conversation you can have from the comfort of your home or office, then either post the episode or delegate someone else to do it – where both you and your guest will promote the episode and gain marketing benefits from that same conversation that otherwise never would have made it out of the coffee shop!

How I Became A BELIEVER FOR LIFE In Business-Growth Podcasting

One of the greatest results I’ve ever had for myself was when someone I’d never heard of came to my website and booked a call with me.

When I got her on the phone, she said she heard me on a podcast and liked what I had to say enough to book the call with me to see if I could be a good fit for her team as a marketing and business operations consultant – the work I do through one of my other companies.

Funny thing – she couldn’t remember if she tuned into my podcast, the Business Creators’ Radio Show, or heard me guesting on someone else’s podcast.

What’s more, she couldn’t even remember what I said that captured her interest.

But this conversation quickly turned into a nice $30,000, 12-month contract – and over the past five years we’ve worked together so far, it’s been one of my most exciting and fun client relationships involving a fast-growing leader in a narrow-but-deep niche.

So, what happened here?

  • First, I established my credibility upfront, by taking advantage of podcasting as a platform that helps me reach, without spending a dime, audiences I might otherwise never be able to access

  • Second, she contacted me – and I didn’t even have to ask her to. In fact, when I saw the e-mail letting me know about the appointment, I had to research her and her company just to know who I was going to be speaking with – and I liked what I saw!

  • Third, this call had none of the bait of a “free strategy session” – the know, like, and trust between us WAS ALREADY IN PROGRESS even before the call began!

  • Finally, this allowed the call to be specifically about her hiring me to render my services, so we got right to the point and closed the deal quickly!

See, THAT is the power of hosting your business-building podcast.

Now, imagine doing that intentionally – closing $30,000 deals and creating your own team of Avengers to take your market on by storm and WIN – just by facilitating conversations with people and giving each other access to new platforms and new audiences.

Imagine creating that opportunity for yourself 52 times per year!

Yes, It Is Easy to Launch and Host Your Business-Building Podcast – and A Lot of Fun!  Here’s How It Works:

There is an 8-step process that covers everything from identifying your audience, branding and designing your show, mastering your skills as a host (and business conversationalist in general), using podcasting as a business networking and prospecting tool to fill your project board and mastermind program, and much more.

It’s a cumulative process – which means each steps builds upon the previous so it actually becomes easier and more natural as you quickly go through.

The first step to move towards building your business and brand so you grow your revenues and profits is to create three avatars – an avatar of yourself, an avatar of your listener, and an avatar of your guest.

Creating an avatar of yourself is important because it uncovers opportunities you may not have seen for yourself, up until now; and having someone who’s standing in the light to guide you can help you see things you might miss when all that’s in your vision is that little light at the end of the tunnel.

Once you confirm this for yourself, you’ll gain new insights into what prospects you want to attract to your brand and business (your listeners), as well as who can partner with you and help you share that message as your unpaid, enthusiastic evangelist (the people you interview)!

Having the understandings and intelligence you gain by designing the three Avatars makes it a lot easier for you to create the title of your show, its tagline, and its description, along with the domain name you’ll use for your new Media Network portal – as well as the “intro” and “outro” scripts that you’ll use for pre-recorded bumpers that give your show a Hollywood-quality aura – just like a world-famous radio show.

Then, we take you through a process of identifying YOUR answers to questions such as: pre-recorded vs. live, guests or solo, video vs. audio, how long the show will be, who will provide the interview questions, how often you’ll run episodes, and much more!

Hosting your podcast will be something you’ll enjoy doing and stay committed to, no matter how you may be feeling about your business at any given moment.

Everything we’ve discussed so far leads to the all-powerful step of making a list of the first 20 guests you want to interview.

This is what we call your First-Division Guest Lineup.

Because you have your avatars, you know the types of influencers you need to interview, and which ones you’ll enjoy connecting with on multiple levels.

Being able to share the title, tagline, and description of your show makes the case, using a simple fill-in-the-blanks script, for them to say YES to being in your inaugural list of guests.

Using everything you’ve created up until this point, you will make a list of the first 20 people you’d like to interview, invite them to schedule recording sessions, and actually get started creating episodes while you zoom through the rest of the process to launch your Business-Building podcast.

The best part of this is, I even have a checklist, if you’d find it helpful, for you to share with both yourself and your guest that makes the upcoming interview an enjoyable, profitable experience for both of you.

This process enables you to record episodes that will need little to no editing at all – thus overcoming one of the top objections entrepreneurs have to launching and hosting podcasts – because it gives you the mastery needed to:

  • Plant seeds within your conversation with your guest, about your own business – and then use this tactic to transform ANY conversation into a fun, non-salesy “business conversation”
  • Quickly and easily overcome any technical challenge in real-time
  • Insert your own brand and message into the conversation, so your guest’s followers come to know, like, and trust YOU
  • Transform even the dullest conversation into an engaging, listener-loving episode
  • Integrate your podcasting with your search-engine marketing and get found by more ideal prospects
  • Blatantly pitch your own products and services by inserting “commercials” into your episodes for your own business
  • Completely eliminate “umms” and “uhhs” from your speech patterns, if you’re concerned about this
  • Be controversial if you want to be, by calibrating your tone and message with your listeners and guests

So, you want to talk business?

Well, the green room is where the GREEN grows on your money tree.

The biggest benefit of interviewing guests on your own podcast is the opportunity to transform them into prospects.

That 50% no-show rate on “free strategy sessions” I mentioned earlier turns into a 99% yes-show rate for your podcast interviews, because almost nobody blows off the opportunity to show the world their best stuff.

Any listener and download statistics aside, you have one guaranteed listener who will be there for the entire episode – your guest.

You have one person who is pretty much guaranteed to stick around for a chat afterward, or be willing to schedule a follow-up – your guest.

Imagine having a flow-chart method that helps you, quickly and on-the-fly, calibrate this conversation and transform it quickly into “business talk” that gets you more clients, more referrals, and more opportunities to show up on other people’s stages!

One of the benefits of hosting your own podcast is the opportunity to feed delicious meals to the search engines.

Now, you can leverage this so that when people search for your guests and what they do, they find YOU and what YOU do!

There’s a simple process for how you language your episode descriptions for posting on your show’s website, your social media, your e-mails you’ll send to your list to invite them to tune into your show, and more.

Plus, whether you’re doing your own editing or you have someone else to edit your episodes for you, just add your intro/outro bumpers, your commercials, and how to use “strategic spacing” into your recordings so you or your editor can quickly copy-paste these pieces in, click “Save” and you’re done.

All of my clients will tell you that they, or their assistant, spend less than 10 minutes editing each episode and creating the final file.

By now, you may be recognizing how each step serves as “pre-work” for the next so just keeps getting easier and more fun!

Launching your podcast website is critical.

When hosts of other shows see you have invested in your business and brand, they will be more likely to book you as a guest on THEIR show.

Plus, if you are seeking media attention, sourcers and producers prioritize guests who demonstrate they have a platform for their message and are investing in building their own tribe of fans and followers.

Not to mention meeting planners and conference organizers filling spaces on the (very limited) available stages today.

Good news – it’s simple to launch your New Media website that creates the experience your listeners and subscribers will find themselves delving deeper and deeper into as they listen to more and more episodes and bonding themselves to your brand.

This can happen very quickly, with very little “design” needed that will nonetheless give you the professional, attractive look and feel your MEDIA OUTLET deserves!

With your “can” filled to the brim, and your website ready to go, it’s time to launch!

But first, let me tell you.

Unfortunately, too many website launches die out the day they occur – simply because entrepreneurs get tired.

By now, you have seen for yourself how using this simple, proven, cumulative process makes it easy and fun to get your podcast launched and into the hands of your human (and search engine) prospects so you start getting new clients and referrals quickly.

At this point, you will get your guests primed and ready to announce their episode on your show the day it goes live.

You will be ready to put your best foot forward and take advantage of the buzz that comes with Launch Day.

And, you’ll be ready to show even more of your avatar guests why they need to cut to the front of the line and be next in your lineup!

Are you ready to GO LIVE?

This proven system builds your business and brand because it

  • Connects you with more ideal-fit business prospects

  • Fills your calendar with conversations that have a virtually 100% show-up rate

  • Puts you in front of new audiences without making you spend money on social media advertising or search engine marketing

  • Gets your tribe to share you with their own followers without making you pay 50% in affiliate fees

  • Delivers you all the clients and customers you need and want to enjoy the revenues and profits you deserve

  • Defines and attracts your ideal dream clients

  • Gets your show up and running FAST

  • Gives you the confidence to proudly show your business and brand to the world, using a simple framework

  • Builds the sticktoitiveness that keeps you leveraging this powerful networking, marketing, and client-attraction tool for years to come

  • Makes the process of hosting a podcast and conducting interviews EASY and FUN

We focus on getting you CLIENTS NOW by removing the “jibber jabber” of going down rabbit-holes – and instead keeping you focused on the right things.

It’s all about building a machine that automatically and naturally gets you more listeners and downloads over time, without having to focus on that as a primary goal (the rabbit-hole into which your competitors’ shows go to die).

It takes out the guesswork and struggle, actually allowing each step to build upon the previous so it gets easier with each step forward!

We Have a Limited Number of Spaces Available – Now Is The Time to Take Action (Before Your Competitor Beats You To It)

To gain our help getting your podcast going FAST so you can get more clients and referrals RIGHT AWAY, your first step is to book a Podcast R.E.A.C.H. Jumpstart Call.

You can do that by going to the calendar placed below.

I will say this – my schedule always fills FAST, and the times and dates you’ll see available when you do this right now may disappear any moment.

I can’t say exactly, only because I’m not you and you alone know your truth about what will make you a brand celebrity in your market and get you all the clients and referrals you ever dreamed of, it’s your best interest to get that call booked right this second.

But I CAN say that if you wait, the openings you see the moment you visit my calendar may go “POOF” if you wait even a minute more.

During your Podcast R.E.A.C.H. Jumpstart Call, we will:

  • Show you a framework and roadmap that crystallizes your business objectives so that every step you take forward will happen intentionally toward your goals

  • Identify how this will make launching and hosting your podcast easy and fun for you so your excitement about launching and hosting your show increases over time, for your reasons, in alignment with your own truths

  • Make your plan to get this done quickly so you begin enjoying the benefits right away!

So once again, if you would like our help getting you started with this proven system that

  • Connects you with more ideal-fit business prospects
  • Fills your calendar with conversations that have a virtually 100% show-up rate
  • Puts you in front of new audiences without making you spend money on social media advertising or search engine marketing
  • Gets your tribe to share you with their own followers without making you pay 50% in affiliate fees
  • Delivers you all the clients and customers you need and want to enjoy the revenues and profits you deserve

go to the calendar placed below and book yourself in.

Again, my calendar always fills quickly because of everything in both my consulting business and my podcast launch business.

Now is a better time than ever.

Just One More Question (If You Are Still Making Your Decision To Check This Out)

A former client of mine – a great guy – he’s a financial advisor, one of the leading advisors in his company for many years running.

His dad was a salesman too.

My client told me about how he would go along with his dad on sales calls, and the prospect would sometimes hesitate to sign on the line that is dotted.

One of their top objections was – and this is the question you may have right now – “this doesn’t sound so hard, I can do it myself.”

You may be thinking the same thing about launching the podcast that will fill your conversation with conversations that will load your project calendar, sell-out your mastermind, put butts in seats at your event, get YOU media and speaking opportunities, and much more.

I agree, this may be pretty easy for some people, and there’s a chance you could do it yourself if you took the time to research and figure it out on your own through maybe a bit of trial and error (which I like to call, “a lot of error that’s a real trial”).

Just one question, if I may:

How much “doing it yourself” have you accomplished, up until now?

Think about it.

And get booked for your Podcast R.E.A.C.H. Jumpstart Call now, while you’re here and it’s top of mind!

Let’s Begin The Conversation

If you would like our help getting your podcast going FAST so you can get more clients and referrals RIGHT AWAY, your first step is to book a Podcast R.E.A.C.H. Jumpstart Call.

Simply use the scheduler and book yourself in for the nearest mutually convenient time.

Unless you request otherwise when you schedule the call, all calls will take place using Zoom Audio.

NOTE: some evening options are open as we recognize many soon-to-be podcast hosts are currently side-hustlers.