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Your R.E.A.C.H. Sensei: Adam Hommey

Let me help you exponentially reach new customers and create more prospects, clients, patients, referral partners, publicity, and business allies!

Adam Hommey

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I’ve been blazing the trail in podcasting and New Media for you in the following ways:

  • Creator of The Podcast R.E.A.C.H. System, which helps you quickly launch your Business-Building Podcastand have fun doing it!

  • Host of the Business Creators’ Radio Show, one of the longest continuously-running entrepreneurial podcasts on the air today

  • Involved in the launch of one of the first agencies to create the host-guest connection (and its first paying client!)

  • Guided the launch of several shows, including an influential podcast for published non-fiction authors

  • Guested on scores of shows myself, powerfully sharing on a wide variety of topics, from organizational effectiveness to program launches to podcasting and podcast launches

A little bit about my background beyond podcasting and New Media:

  • I’m a speaker, author, consultant, and trainer with nearly 20 years’ experience working in a range of industries and supporting the growth of scores of small businesses and entrepreneurial ventures

  • I’ve been an entrepreneur since 2003; the very first year, I was involved in a book launch for an influential treatise targeted toward the healthcare housekeeping industry

  • In the past, I’ve owned a website development firm, a website conversion consulting firm, and a podcast launch agency, before creating The Business Creators’ Institute™ and In-Demand Expert™

  • My business consulting focuses on organizational excellence, optimizing teams, and creating efficient processes for virtual business with asynchronous teams (with a little marketing thrown in, too)

  • I’m the author of Groundhog Day is an Event, Not a Business Strategy as well as a contributing author to Journeys to Success: The Millennial Edition (both international Amazon best-sellers)

A few fun facts that further illustrate my success with podcasting and New Media:

  • Candidly, I have a “face for radio”

  • God also gave me a voice for radio, so at least He was consistent when handing out attributes

  • I don’t hear so well, which paradoxically has helped me develop what’s been called my “producer” voice

  • I’ve waged wars in defense of the Oxford Comma, because I recognize the power of tiny changes in language to create huge differences in message

  • I’ve been recognized as a leader of the movement to unite introverts. Separately. In our own homes.

  • Candidly, I don’t want to “hustle”. It’s not me. Never has been. So I’ve always looked for the fastest path to the cash.

  • All of these things have come together to make me a NATURAL at podcasting and New Media!

My Insights on How to Gain More Marketing R.E.A.C.H. Through Podcasting and New Media:

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