Blogging, backlinks, keywords, graphics, and URL structure are among the key tactics that increase your search engine optimization (SEO) and attract visitors to your webpages who are most likely to be interested enough to buy something from you.

Neil Patel’s groundbreaking article on advanced SEO techniques (originally 10, now up to 19 and counting) shares more than a lot of advanced SEO courses out there.

I’ve referred dozens of people to Neil’s article and have a printed copy of it on my desk, complete with wrinkles and tears and iced tea spills from frequent use.

Yet, I find it curious that the word “podcast” is not mentioned in his article at all.

(I hope to come back to this post later and edit the previous sentence.)

Here’s a quick rundown of some of the easiest-to-get SEO benefits from launching and hosting your podcast.

Getting Found By Making Your Show’s Name A Search Term In And Of Itself

From the earliest days of the Business Creators’ Radio Show back in 2013, I was able to say “Google it, you’ll find it”.

Here’s why:

This is especially powerful if your podcast has a fairly common-sounding name…

…and you, yourself, have a name that appears frequently in the phone book AND that you happen to share with a very famous athlete:

Your podcast could become a powerful sidekick to your primary brand…

If they know YOUR name and that you have a podcast, even if you don’t remember the name of your podcast, they’ll still find you…

So far, so good?

Getting Found By Incorporating Your Keyphrase Into Your Podcast Title

You can jump up quickly when your keyphrase positions you in a narrow-but-deep niche with numerous competitors:

Hey, remember when I said I needed help fighting an out-of-state traffic ticket a few years back?

I also mentioned that eventually, I’m going to need a realtor in Las Vegas:

I have a busted tooth that needs pulled – where, oh where, can I get some help understanding my options?

If I want a cigar in Las Vegas, it would appear there may be only one choice:

Getting Found When People Search For You – And Your Interview Guests

Within The Podcast R.E.A.C.H. System™, we train and coach our clients to structure the blog posts that promote their podcasts to leverage the Images search that appears on Page One.

Here are just SOME of the results from a search on my name that point to my appearances on other people’s shows – meaning, their websites show up when people search for me:

Now, on the same screenshot, here are other people who appeared on the Business Creators’ Radio Show – I bet my website shows up when people search for them:

In both cases, after posting the screenshots, I noticed I missed a few in both categories.

That just goes to show how easily and quickly your SEO can proliferate through podcasting!

All These Pictures Are Great – Now, Let’s Delve A Little Deeper Into Getting More SEO From Launching And Hosting Your Podcast

Students and VIP clients of The Podcast R.E.A.C.H. System™ discover that mixing podcasting with their current SEO efforts in a way where one supports the other tends to multiply their results in several ways:

  • Using the Seed-Based Marketing conversational tactics that are part of our Pre-Editing Process, you become a natural at injecting your key search terms into your everyday conversation. So, when you publish show notes and transcripts and add them to the blog posts that promote your episodes, your keywords and keyphrases become part of your content without needing to edit them in.

  • Most of the podcasts above have their own dedicated websites – which means the “title” and “tagline” of the podcast become the Title and Description of the website for search engine marketing purposes.  Now apply that to your home page, about page, contact page, guest application page, etc. and watch as more and more of your content rises to the top of searches for your keyphrases.

  • Using your interview guests’ keywords and keyphrases in the blog posts you write that promote their episodes means more of THEIR searchers find YOUR website over time – and are likely to stick around to learn more about YOU, even if they were originally searching for your guest.

  • When your dedicated podcast website is syndicated to leading podcast networks, those titles and descriptions with your interview guests’ keyphrases populate onto even more websites that contain YOUR content, and backlink to YOUR website

  • Did you notice the “Podcast Search Results” section of Page One search results that display in many of the above screenshots? Search engines give weight to podcast search results and add them to your sum total.

  • Not to mention – but I’ll mention it anyway – cross-posting your episodes to social media platforms adds even more to the sum total.  It’s for this reason that many companies that will never spend a dime on Facebook ads, and aren’t really concerned about getting likes and shares from their Business Pages, still maintain their pages and post to them regularly.

Everything You’re Doing For SEO Is Great. Now, Mix Your #1 Networking And Business Prospecting Tool With The Stuff You Do To Get Found

One final note: whether or not your best prospects like to read, watch, or listen, you’ll have a greater chance of them finding you.

And again, the best part is you can be putting other podcasters’ SEO to work for you as you develop the know, like, and trust that builds your brand and boosts your profits.

That is how you exponentially reach more profitable customers!

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