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Exponentially Reach More Profitable Customers

Create more prospects, clients, patients, referral partners, publicity, and business allies – without expensive ad spends and time-consuming cookie-cutter strategies!

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Create R.E.A.C.H. And Grow Your Business

Launch your podcast and take command of your market.

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Represent, Reinvent, and Reverberate Your Business and Brand

Create your own media outlet, use the power of organic content multipurposing to multiply your current efforts, and take charge of the conversation with your community, market, and audience!

Build Your Business Brand

Engage Your Ideal Prospects, Clients, Customers, and Business Allies

Leverage the power of New Media to create conversations, using a modality that has a 99% “yes-show rate” for scheduled calls and appointments!

Start Making More Connections

Achieve Greater Presence and Make a Difference

By using New Media to “credentialize” influencers and thought leaders, you transform them into unpaid evangelists for your business and brand!

Amplify Your Message

Close More Deals and Create The Business and Lifestyle You Deserve

Persuade the prospects you have not yet met to see themselves hiring you to deliver your products and solutions and create their results!

Claim Your Results Now

Harmonize With Your Market and Become The Hunted, Not the Hunter

Instead of begging others for a few minutes of their time, inspire them to bang down your door and DEMAND you admit them to your prospecting funnel!

Reach More Profitable Customers

Launch Your Business Building Podcast – Fast and Easy!

How much would it benefit your business and brand to take advantage of the fastest-growing platform that

  • Connects you with more ideal-fit business prospects
  • Fills your calendar with conversations that have a virtually 100% show-up rate
  • Puts you in front of new audiences without making you spend money on social media advertising or search engine marketing
  • Gets your tribe to share you with their own followers without making you pay 50% in affiliate fees
  • Delivers you all the clients and customers you need and want to enjoy the revenues and profits you deserve

Now, discover how to get more reach, clients, and referrals through podcasting!

“Launching the Write Your Book in a Flash Podcast for Top Business Leaders has done more to get me more clients and generate content my audience loves than anything else I’ve done up until now.”

Dan Janal

Host, Write Your Book in a Flash Podcast with Top Business Leaders

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NOTE: some evening options are open as we recognize many soon-to-be podcast hosts are currently side-hustlers.