Hey, I’ve used that phrase before in my Messenger and LinkedIn chats.

Two things tended to happen back when I used to do this, before I discovered the secret to creating just about any connection I want to:

  • The chat dies, then and there – and everything I send subsequent ends up “read-checked”

  • They ask me, point-blank, what I’m looking to sell them, and could I just lay it out right now so they can decide if a phone call is worth their time (spoiler alert: 95% of the time, it “isn’t”)

Every time I share this in discussion forums, I find more people with similar stories, on both sides of the conversation.


It’s salesy.

In fact, in a curriculum I teach called The Messenger Magic Method, I share how that approach only works when you have something to sell – people know this – and even using the phrase “can we hop on a call real quick” is not the way to go about it.

There’s a completely different way to work it – and the correct formula actually takes away the recipient’s need to do anything proactively.


Let’s set that aside.

Now, let’s try a new phrase.

“I saw your post on (THEIR TOPIC). I would love to have you on my podcast. Some of my listeners have told me they’re interested in that, too. People will love it. When can we have you on?”

With that language shift, your calendar fills up with valuable conversations.


“Hop on a call real quick” is something people are too busy for (not sorry).

“Free strategy sessions” come with a catch to be avoided and can have up to a 50% no-show rate.

“Come on my podcast and let me share your brilliance and your passion with my audience” has an almost 100% YES-show rate.

Here is an incredible reason to

“Get More Reach, Clients, And Referrals Through Podcasting!”

Again, it sidesteps the shortcomings and drawbacks of the “free strategy session” model and the “can we hop on a quick call” feint.

It fills your calendar with an endless supply of high-value conversations that turn into client relationships, business alliances, referrals, and speaking/media opportunities.

Best of all, it turns your everyday conversations into delicious meals for the search engines and the strong arm of your 24/7/365 marketing machine!

Let us help you quickly master the fastest-growing platform that:

  • Connects you with more ideal-fit business prospects

  • Fills your calendar with conversations that have a virtually 100% show-up rate

  • Puts you in front of new audiences without making you spend money on social media advertising or search engine marketing

  • Gets your tribe to share you with their own followers without making you pay 50% in affiliate fees

  • Delivers you all the clients and customers you need and want to enjoy the revenues and profits you deserve

Smart speakers, authors, trainers, and consultants like you are getting on on this right now!

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