Does that defeat the purpose of launching and hosting your podcast?

No, it doesn’t.

Here’s the deal…

Folks Who Guest On Podcasts Sometimes Ask What I See As Short-Sighted Questions.

Such as,

“Please show me your download and listener stats. My time is limited and I need to get the most out of my efforts before I decide to be on your show.”

(My answer is either a polite negative, or an abrupt “none of your business”, depending on the tonality and verbiage I get from them or their agency representative.)

You see, this is NOT how to decide whether to accept invitations to be on shows (or invite someone to yours).

This approach may cause you to miss out on opportunities to connect with people and gain BIG opportunities:

  • A guest on one of the earliest episodes of the Business Creators’ Radio Show – when it barely had any traction at all – signed a $20,000 contract the same day as his episode aired. Someone really liked what he had to say and reached out to him immediately.

  • I closed a $30,000 contract because someone heard me on a show – to this day, she can’t remember if it was my show, or someone else’s show, or even what it was I said that got her interested enough to visit my website and schedule a call with me about bringing her startup into revenue through my other business.

  • One of our earliest R.E.A.C.H.ers invited someone to guest on his brand-new podcast as a way of rekindling an old business relationship. Within days, he closed a $6,000 coaching deal with someone she referred to him after their interview.

  • I’m booked to speak at an executive book club that is featuring my book, Groundhog Day is an Event, Not a Business Strategy, as their monthly assigned reading – a decision they made without consulting me, and only because one of their members who I’ve never heard of caught an episode of my show.

  • Personally, I’ve entered several business relationships with guests on my “little” podcast – sometimes they’ve hired me and sometimes I’ve hired them – either way, money moved and a difference was made.

  • Just yesterday, I went back and bought a book written by one of my guests from two years ago. I’m considering recommending her to one of my colleagues right now.

I’ll stack THESE results against fussing over Blubrry stats, every single day of the week, twice on Sunday, and nine times on Caturday.

The Same Applies To Launching And Hosting Your Podcast.

For purposes of seeking advertisers and revenue shares, downloads and listeners may matter – to an extent – IF you choose to pursue those avenues down the line.

That said, the value of your show as a client attraction tool doesn’t depend on making sure you have a gazillion listeners.

Think about it: who are these gazillion listeners?

If every one of those gazillion listeners was actually a viable business prospect, nobody would run social media ads, host webinars, build funnels, or attract subscribers and followers – they’d just buy listeners and downloads and wait for the cash to roll in.

Each Episode Of Your Podcast Has Only ONE Listener Who Matters.

Cutting to the chase: that’s your interview guest.

They are the only listener who is guaranteed to be there for the entire episode.

They are also the only one you are guaranteed to connect with directly – which also means they’re the only one you’re guaranteed to get “green room” time with that leads to relationships, sales, and referrals.

What’s more, they alone will decide the extent to which they will help you extend you R.E.A.C.H. (and gain new listeners and downloads), based on their enthusiasm and willingness to celebrate the fact that you credentialized them by interviewing them.

So If We’re Discussing “Monetizing Your Podcast”, This Is Where It Really Happens.

Use your podcast as your #1 networking and prospect attraction tool, by applying the Three Avatars within The R.E.A.C.H. System™ to select the guests who will move your show forward in your community, market, and audience.

Create amazing content.

Do it quickly and effectively.

Be the kind of host whose guests can’t wait for their appearances to go live so they can share it to the nines with their tribe.

Have an optimized podcast website targeted toward people searching for people who do what you do.

Embrace that “sticktoitiveness” that Grandma Hommey urged her six children to apply to their endeavors.

Become a New Media draw, and the listeners and downloads will just happen.

That’s how you exponentially reach more profitable customers!

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