It’s not nearly as difficult to launch and host your podcast as you may have been led to believe, up until now.

One of the four major objections entrepreneurs raise when I recommend you launch and host your podcast is

“Hosting and managing a podcast or livestream is hard work and I don’t have time” – particularly when it comes to editing and post-production.

That’s just not so, and I’ve proven it again and again.

Stay with me as I explain.

A lot of this comes down to how long “they” say it takes to edit an episode into its final form.

When I Hear Podcasters Say It Takes Them Five Hours Of Post-Production To Edit A 30-Minute Episode, I Know They’re Doing It Totally Wrong.

I’ll explain how to fix this in a moment.

First, let’s look briefly at what I call the “Clint Eastwood Director Style”.

Unlike many directors, who may demand up to 30, 50, or more takes of a single scene so they can compare tiny little nuances, when Clint Eastwood films a scene and decides it’s good enough, he puts it in the can and moves onto the next scene.

Most of his scenes are filmed in one take – at most, two.

Some “purists” have criticized the method and said it takes away a little bit from the artistic value.

I say, SO WHAT?

Last time I checked, pretty much every movie directed and/or produced by Clint Eastwood has been a money-machine blockbuster, and several have impacted our popular culture.

If you don’t believe me… go ahead, make my day – and GET OFF MY LAWN!

How does Clint manage to get his scenes done in one or two takes and make so many amazing movies?

It’s All About What You Do BEFORE You Click “Record”

Using what we, in The Podcast R.E.A.C.H. System™, call the “Pre-Editing Process” (paired with the “Clint Eastwood Director Style”) creates a great raw product that, in most cases, will require little or no post-production editing at all.

The Pre-Editing Process is a powerful combination of

  • How you organize your show flow and assist your guests in preparing for their interviews

  • The language you use to brand both your guest and yourself during the conversation (these same tactics can be used in everyday life to transform ALL of your conversation into a branding exercise)

  • What you do when the conversation with your guest is flatlining (or you are) to make every episode an AMAZING episode

  • Tactics that insert your search engine optimization into your conversation so more of your episodes get found by people looking for someone who does what you do

  • Curing your verbal pauses (the “ummms” and “uhhhs”) so if you’re concerned about having to edit them out, they won’t be in your recording in the first place

  • And several other powerful logistical, organizational, and language techniques you can quickly master with our help


By Creating An Amazing Raw Recording Of Your Episode, You Will Probably Not Need To Do Much Post-Production Editing At All

One more thing about the Clint Eastwood Director Style.

Part of the reason he moves quickly from scene to scene, getting them done in one or two takes, is to create a feeling of moving forward quickly.

The more you apply the Pre-Editing Process and pair it with the Clint Eastwood Director Style, the faster your podcast will move forward.

THAT is how you exponentially reach more profitable customers!

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