Nobody’s saying it, but a lot of people are thinking it.

I’ll go ahead and “jump first”.

A lot of folks need more help building their brand and business, expanding their reach, and making connections than they can afford – especially in this Covidian day and age.

What can you do?

You could attend webinar after webinar trying to scoop up enough crumbs to make a go at it (of course, THIS webinar is an entire delicious meal).

You could also sign up for every possible “free strategy session” in the hopes you actually get some strategy before the pitch, if you’re prepared to say “no” a lot.

Lately, you have the option of eavesdropping on other people’s conversations angling for a chance to chime in.

Or, you could spend weeks cozying up to someone on social media, liking and commenting on every utterance they type, until you feel you’ve established enough simpatico to Inbox them asking if they could kindly let you “pick their brain”.

When You Ask Someone If You Can Pick Their Brain, You Totally Blow It.

Think about it.

Why should they miss out on the compensation they deserve for their expertise and brilliance to please a freeloader?

Doing a good deed may feel good, but last I checked, the bank isn’t accepting deposits of ethereal altruism, as much as I phrased that to make it sound like a precious mineral.

Candidly, in an era where most people don’t even listen to their voicemail, this request probably won’t get you far.

I imagine this all sounds kinda mean, but do you enjoy working for free?

Here’s What Happens When You Ask To Pick My Brain

Granted, I have a close circle of paying clients, colleagues in official masterminds, and 4 or 5 friends I informally mastermind with (one of them usually at about 2am) who I chat it up with all the time.

They’ve all earned space in my inner circle where we have mutually developed that status with each other.

You probably have the same sort of thing going on, and that’s awesome – true friends don’t come by all that often, so treat them well.

Beyond that, here’s how it goes:

BRAINPICKER: Hey, can I pick your brain for a bit?

ME: Do you have a podcast?


ME: Awesome! Tell you what. Have me on your show and I’ll give you some of my best stuff. Be sure to promote the hell out of our episode. I’ll do the same.

BRAINPICKER: You got it! Just fill out my application form, then go to my scheduler to book the recording session.

ME: (5 minutes later) Done and done. See you on (date and time I picked). Thank you for this opportunity to be of service to your tribe!

I’ve booked a lot of appearances on other podcasts this way.

Additionally, at least 30 episodes of the Business Creators’ Radio Show have happened because I either flipped the script on them, or I wanted to tap into someone’s brilliance.

Launching Your Podcast Lets You Do The Exact Same Thing

Studies have shown that, in some scenarios, “free strategy sessions” have up to a 50% no-show rate.

An appointment scheduled in the name of “can we hop on a call real quick?” is the one that gets sacrificed first when business gets even the slightest bit busy.

However, in seven and a half years of hosting the Business Creators’ Radio Show, I’ve had exactly two (out of over 400) guests fail to show up for their recordings.

In those same seven and a half years, only TWICE have I EVER needed to cancel an interview at the last minute – once when I was dealing with an actual crisis, and once on the day my grandfather died – and both interviews got rescheduled and published.

I’ve NEVER missed an appointment to be on someone else’s show. Ever.

Podcast interviews have a 99% “yes-show” rate, because smart business creators don’t pass up opportunities to build their networks, spread goodwill, and gain free marketing reach.

So, Candidly: Launch Your Podcast And Get Free Business Coaching

Having a show and needing to interview great guests means you never come to the conversation empty-handed.

Now, you put the power of Reciprocity to work building awesome connections and friendships that will serve both of you in ways that may only come into focus down the road.

This is how you exponentially reach more profitable customers.

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