Twice this month, hosting my podcast got me booked to speak on stages.

In front of live, in-person audiences.

Even in these weird times when there are very few conferences going on, or stages available.

See, it’s a funny thing.

When you create your own media outlet by launching and hosting your podcast, it makes you more desirable to meeting planners and conference organizers looking for great speakers and trainers.

There are a few reasons why:

  • Because you invest in creating your own New Media portal, you demonstrate you are serious about growing your tribe and making your voice heard – your message is important and you are dedicated to sharing it

  • People tune in and listen to you, so there’s a greater chance that you speaking on their stage means you will attract attendees to their live event

  • Meeting planners and conference organizers can tune into a couple of your episodes and see/hear your speaking style, so they know firsthand how excellent you will look and sound speaking from their stage – this makes them look good

  • These same planners and organizers know you are in a better position to help in their success than someone who does NOT host a podcast, and will be happy to leverage this fact

These are even more great reasons to

“Get More Reach, Clients, And Referrals Through Podcasting!”

Oh, and here’s another thing.

As a speaker myself, I know how difficult it is to build a good speaker demo reel.

Not only have I heard every horror story in the book, I’ve lived most of them.

Rest assured, though, not all is lost.

When you host a podcast, your episodes become your speaking reel – here’s more on the challenges, and how to use podcasting to build your speaker demo reel.

Now, let us help you quickly master the fastest-growing platform that:

  • Connects you with more ideal-fit business prospects – PLUS meeting planners and conference hosts looking to book great speakers for their seminars and conferences

  • Fills your calendar with conversations that have a virtually 100% show-up rate

  • Puts you in front of new audiences without making you spend money on social media advertising or search engine marketing

  • Gets your tribe to share you with their own followers without making you pay 50% in affiliate fees

  • Delivers you all the clients and customers you need and want to enjoy the revenues and profits you deserve

Smart speakers, authors, trainers, and consultants like you are getting on on this right now!

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